I have so many different styles to offer that I really had a hard time to put it all into this one list. You can find my most common commission types below.
If you are looking for something different, maybe an unusual dimensions or another medium that is not listed? Feel free to contact me, I’ll get back to you with a price suggestion.

Semi-realistic artwork

The style is somewhere between cartoony and realistic. Please feel free to take a look at my gallery.


One character, no background. Pencil on high quality drawing paper.

  • A5 – 27€ + 10€ per additional character
  • A4 – 55€ + 15€ per additional character

Digital lineart with flat coloration

Your character drawn with black lineart and flat colors (no shading).

  • Fullbody – 33€
  • Bust – 22€
  • Headshot  – 17€

Detailed character portrait with simple background

A drawn or painted character portrait with a simple or single-colored background. Usually the background is done with gouache or watercolor.

  • A5 – 55€ + 25€ per additional character
  • A4 – 110€ + 30€ per additional character

Very detailed artwork with background

One very detailed painting or drawing with explicitly drawn background or scenery. I use several different media and techniques for these pictures, including, but not limited to colored pencils, gouache and pastel.

  • A5 – 110€ + 30€ per additional character
  • A4 – 220€ + 30€ per additional character


Reference-sheets for characterdesign

I only do digital refsheets.

I only do refsheets with black lineart and simple (flat) coloring without shading.

Below you will find the prices for every part of a refsheet, so you can see what you need and what the price will be.

  • Fullbody shot – 33€
  • Headshot – 17€
  • Details – 17€

Color palette, species and name is always included.


Pet Portraits


A realistic portrait with a simple gouache or watercolor background, with a high level of detail, similar to photorealism. For portrayal of you pet or you family I need a high resolution reference photo. Please contact me if you have questions regarding this. For more examples, please take a look into my gallery.

  • A5 – 110€
  • A4 – 220€
  • more sizes on request

Realististic Portrait

Very realistic portrait of your character with simple background.

  • A5 – 110€
  • A4 – 220€