This was the eurofurence 23 at berlin

Hello everyone!!

Who now asks why it took me so long to write a review of the EF: I was sick …. very sick.
Unfortunately, I have cought concrud. You know you are going to a convention with lots of people from different parts of the world, who bring all their not native germs here, and thanks to hand shaking and narrow elevators we start to exchange these germs automatically like Pokemon.

Well, I am on the way to recovery and should have eliminated them completely soon.

So how do I summarize the 5 days convention?
Best of all, I’ll tell you only a few of my highlights, otherwise it will be too much.

So, the charity went to the “sieben katzenleben ev” this year and we were able to bring together over 40,000 euros in donations. 🙂
Bravo to everyone involved!
The ladies of the charity were on site and I was able to talk to them briefly. Really very pleasant and dedicated people, I hope the money will help them and especially the cats.

As every year, I was very-inspired by the artshow! Even if the bids havent been as high as the years before, the quality level was incredibly high.
I went through the exhibition several times (I had a panel there) and got inspired. So much talent, you do not have any ideas when you were not there!
I even bought two small pictures this year. One of an Egyptian beetle done by Nerventee and an original of Khaosdog!
In addition, a work of mine was sold for a pretty good price, I will publish the picture next week. 🙂

Then, for the first time, I dared to spend time at the artist lounge this year. This is a place where artists can meet and work together at any time. Usually I felt rather unwelcome. I think this could be simply related to the fact that I am rather uncertain and reluctant to paint in public. This time I had friends with whom I could sit together and that gave me enough security to actually relax and draw something.

It was then also in the artist lounge that I got an order from Kashmere! Kashmere is an artist I have been following and admiring for years and her praise for my work (and two orders) got me pretty excited!
Thanks to my uncertain English and my general ineptitude , I always stumbled over my words a bit when I wanted to talk to her, but I hope she did not mind.
I speak English only once a year at the EF. : /

Every evening I could have dinner with my friends, wich was a personal highlight. Because we all have jobs, we see each other too rarely.

Then I visited many lectures on art and the fandom, one more exciting than the other.
One of which I was able to take and learn a lot was from Dream and Nightmare, which you know from our artist podcast.
He has shown his way of working in his lecture, from looking for references to the finished picture. Since I have not been drawing digital for a long as traditional, much of what he has shown is completely new to me and I felt I had learned a lot of new techniques.
What a lucky thing I’m working on two digital commissions. 😉

There was so much what was great! The many other artists, the friendly atmosphere, the many art books, plush toys and so much more what was offered in the dealers den.
After years I finally got a heating slug from Kampfkewob, which is to warm my shoulders in the winter.

There was so much to see and do, and I collapsed on my bed every night.

The Eurofurence is my favorite con all year and I am looking forward to the next visit. Every time I come from the con, I know why I’m in the fandom. 😉

And thank you to everyone who has recognized me and welcomed me!

Thanks to all the people who make this Con possible and make them what they are!