Could have been better…Dokomi 2017

On June 3th  I started with Nerventee from Wiesbaden to Düsseldorf to visit the Dokomi. The fair took place in Düsseldorf and is the biggest anime and manga show in Germany. We did not know what to expect, because we had never visited a con of this size. After a 3 hour drive we were there.
The organization ran relatively smooth, even if we had to visit several stations before we finally had all the papers together and were allowed to drive to the dealer parking. Our stands were built quickly and then we had to wait for the first visitors.

Since our booths had to be built up to 8:30 (so at least was the info we had before) and we needed only half an hour for it, we had a very long wait until finally the first visitors came in.
Nerventees and my table, were rather centered in a very large hall and unfortunately I had the impression that few people went to us. The day was very quiet and we, completely tired and finished, had a real fight. Just towards the end I started counting the minutes.
At the end of the day and a sobering record, we quickly organized something to eat at MC Doof and then crashed into our hotel. To our surprise, our room was upgraded to the Jr. Suite and we were able to enjoy a night of luxury. 😉
The next morning, after a good breakfast, a good cap sleep and a short drive to the exhibition grounds, the world was already different. With a better mood, the tables were rebuilt, a few coffees were drank, and we waited for customers …. who again didnt find to our tables.
Without dear people like our table neighbors and draftsmen whom we already know from other meetings, the day would have been really bad. As bad as the food from the noodle stand, thanks to which I  almost had a histamine attack, which I could luckily turn away with an anti-allergy tablet.

The day unfortunately ended as soberly as the first and I had to pack up my stand, just with so many receipts that I could pay the table, the hotel and the gasoline.

Afterwards you are always smarter, but I am afraid I am not of the material you have to be for attending such big conventions. The next year I will probably have to skip the Dokomi. : /
But hey, I got some nice things and talked to other people.  😉
Next weekend I will attend the  Wie.Mai.Kai, let’s see if this turns out better.
I wish you well!

Yours Schiraki