This was the Hanami 2017

The Hanami ended and I sit here with a fat exhaustion migraine behind the computer. Nevertheless, I would like to tell you briefly how it was this year, before everything is gone again.

In the morning at 5 am I fell off the bed (or rather from the sofa) at Wiesbaden, where my friend Nerventee lives and started the fight with my Con-Outfit. This year, I had decided for a screaming red dress, which I will also wear on the other Cons this year. It is worth seeing when walking through the area like a ladybug. 😉
The trip to Ludwigshafen was actually really well down, no traffic jams or something. I was just nervous, as every time and my stomach did not stop until my car was safe in the garage of the Con-area.
After some madness and confusion, where our tables are now, the orga was so nice to give us the seats of last year.
Also there again as our neighbour was Runeko and as a new neighbour we had Naraseth.
It is so nice to have nice neighbors on a Con and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again on the Dokomi.

The construction of our tables went fast and when the first visitors came in, Nerventee and I were back in Con mode. So many amazing Cosplays to marvel at! So many dear people who have recognized us!

I had this time a few new things on the table, like my macaron-charms and large hairpins with fancy loops. I was incredibly pleased that these things went so well, since they were just a first attempt.
I am also very pleased with the appeal that my prints have found. If you see that your own art is appreciated … there is not much more fulfilling. 🙂

In the evening, we went to a chinese restaurant with a group of other artists. You were such a fun group! 😉 It was great to talk with others who are on Cons on the same side of the table and make the same experiences as you do.
I laughed so much in the evening and I really hope that we can stay in touch and have the opportunity to repeat this great experience next year (if Mark lets me go again ;P)

At the next conday Nerventee and I were quite battered. My poor little tea had just gotten two hours sleep.
Accordingly, this condy was also a challenge for us.
But it was still great!

At this point I would like to once again highlight Runeko, who organized our great sticker campaign. At the stands of the participating artists there were stickers, which you could get for a purchase, this then could be sticked into the Conbook with wich you could take part in a raffle , for which we had all thrown together.
It was a very nice event, which was a lot of fun!

In general, it was again a very great experience and I am very glad that I could be there!

I tried to keep a few impressions from around my table on video, but I will need a few more days until I have snipped something useful from the material. 🙂

Many thanks to the organizers, my artist collegues and to all the dear visitors who have made these two days possible!