This was eurofurence 22

Why do the best events fly by so fast?
I know time is relative, but could it be possible the other way?

Sunday evening, I arrived at home over 5 fantastic days at EF. Of course we (my husband and my friend Nerventee) had to go through heavy traffic, and that on my birtday! I was sad to spend my day in the car, but if that is the price for an awesome convention (ignoring real money), I am more than willing to pay!

I’ve visited some Conventions already, but EF is always special to me. It may sound funny, but between over 2000 strangers who dress up in funny costumes, is where I most feel “at home”. Maybe because all the people are so relaxed and just want to have fun. So it was just natural I spend my con coated in a pink, fluffy cloud of happiness.

This was my fourth EF and the first I had a table at the Dealers Den. Sadly I couln’t visit the panels because of that. I spend my evenings with commissions and relaxing and filling up my empty batteries for the upcoming day.

Nevertheless I think the table was a great experience! I met so many new people at EF and had a lot of great conversations.
But yes, I am sad I missed so many events. That’s why I want to get a table at the Artist Alley instead of the Dealers Den (when there is an Artist Alley next year..).So I can spend 1-2 days in there and can go, if I want to attend some events. This would be a great option for me and I woulnd’t miss so much!

I had much fun at EF and I am pouring over with all the new Ideas for the next Artshow! (I mean, how awesome is the main Theme “ancient Agypt”?!)

I guess I need a few days for slowly getting back on track before I’ll look at my To do-List I brought back from EF 😉

I hope you all had as much fun I had!

A big Thank you to all of you who stopped at my table for talking! I got so many compliments for my work, you all have no idea how much this means to me, hearing all this kind words, in person, cheeringme up!
Thank you!

(Photo by BlauerWolf, thank you!)