Looking back at the Chinatsu 2016

Along with Nerventee yesterday I put up myself in the morning to Chinatsu in Dülken.
After almost 3 hours ride, we were finally on the convention and could set up our tables. The reception of Orga, as well as the other artists was very welcoming and we felt immediately very well cared for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizer and foremost Janin Seidel Meier, who has governed wonderful and timely. She looked for the the artists 4-5 times to ask how we are doing, if we need something, etc.

Dear Janin, many thanks for your efforts, we have felt ourselves very well looked after and felt welcome.

Our fellow artists were all very kind and funny people, with whom we had a lot of fun. Above all, with our immediate neighbors such as Akina Angi and her friends.
Very nice people and great Anime artist. A very nice new ACEO now adorns my album. 🙂

In addition, still one of the party was Lalaloraa which is a furry artist, as we have noticed. ^^
Rave Hearts Elegy was there with great Cosplay Accessories.
Diana Alieva put out her truly impressive images.
Cute Lolliland had made a stand with Decoden and decoration which was so cute that it rots your teeth.
Bärion was there with his drawings, however he sat on the other side of the room, we where not able to talk a lot. : /
And Iroiro I have repeatedly squeezed past when I had to leave my booth.

The number of visitors had unfortunately much room for improvement, and just the beginning, we had not much to do. I thought that was very unfortunate and I hope that that will change in the coming years of the Chinatsu because the Con would definitely deserve it!
There was a really lovely designed stage program, with great live music, competitions and a raffle.
Particularly remaining in my memory is a 14 year old violinist who played pieces of Linsey Sterling extremely good!

When faced midday hunger Nerventee has kindly agreed to make a pilgrimage to the Maid and Butler Café Candy Colours and grab something to eat.
Many thanks to the Butlers which not only made an exception with the dishes, but there have also supported us.
You were truly wonderful!

And last but not least, I would like to thank all the people who have come to my booth, who talked with me and bought something. I actually had not a single negative experience on Saturday and you all just got me with your great costumes and kind words!

It was really a terrific convention, with an awful lot of potential you really made everything right. I would be very happy if I could be there again next time. 🙂

After I got my friend home, I stayed spontaniously at her place because it was already 11pm. Accordingly exhausting was the weekend for me. But I really do not regret it and am looking forward the next convention.

Thanks to all who were there!