This was the christmas market at landstuhl 2016

The art and culture Christmas market (or also St. Andreas market) at landstuhl is over and I want to briefly describe what I have experienced and how my impressions were.

Just a note: It was my last Christmas market, I will not participate in any in the future.

However, this is not the fault of this market, but only the experience that my articles are too exotic for the typical Christmas market audience. This is completely okay and I now know that I will strengthen my energy in conventions, rather than in markets. This was exactly why I made this „trial year“ and I can live with the result very well. „No hard feelings“;)

Let’s break it down:


This year I was accommodated at the city hall. My goal was to test whether the bad result last year was really only due to the weather (unfortunately it  was not). The hall is close to the town hall and I could park comfortably at the town hall parking area and cart my stuff to the hall. The hall is very nice, very bright  and generally „cozy“. All market stalls were nicely decorated, the ambience was great. The market was spread over two floors, unfortunately I did not have time to visit the second floor and therefore do not know how high there was the visitor rank.


Working with the organization was very smooth. I have received all the necessary papers and information in advance, which has led to a smooth operation. On the site I was greeted very friendly and when I missed something (chairs, a broom) it was brought to the booth. So I’m very happy with the organisation.


Well, this was my large problem. The average age of the visitors was rather „high“ settled. Only a few younger people have strayed into the hall. That led to the fact that I had to explain almost all my goods, or the people would past my booth with a glance, muttering something like: „candles“, or „soaps“.

As I said, I can not complain, markets of this kind are simply not the right audience for me. But if someone wants to sell more exotic or modern things, this market is not the right place for this.


My experiences:

Despite the really poor sales, the market made me a lot of fun. As usual, because of my booth neighbors, who were left and right of me. Incredible nice people wich where very nice to talk to. In addition, I had the opportunity to snap one or the other trick or one or other source for packaging material. 😉

I am fond of the market, the ambiance and the booths were beautiful and the cafe had a damn good coffee for cheap.

The set-up and dismantling times were humane and everyone was very friendly. So to visitors as well as to other sellers, I can actually recommend the market.

A small vermouth drop:

I spent the whole weekend thinking about whether I should address this or not, but I think it’s better if I do. I do not want to make someone mad, so I’ll do it without naming.

In the regulations of the market is repeatedly (very rigorously) pointed out that only „handmade“ and no commercial goods may be offered.

Beforehand I had talked to the organization, because I was not sure if I can bring my prints and key-hanger (since they are reproductions of my works) at all. In the regulations was said that, should someone bring „prohibited“ goods at his/her booth, he/she could be referred off the market place, which I naturally wanted to avoid.

It was said to me that the reproductions of my pictures, in any form, did not correspond to the criteria in order to be regarded as „self-made“ and therefore were not permitted.

I had to leave my prints at home and could not point out that I am mainly a painter, because my originals have all been sold in the summer.

On the spot were several booths with painters and what did I found? Postcards and canvas prints, all clearly recognizable as such. Asked to the artist, if she would not have problems with the organisation, I was replied that she had brought  this offer for 4 years and never had any problems.

And that, dear Orga, is not okay to me.

I was, to be honest, even extremely annoyed, because I’m sure even if I had not sold any prints, I could have made advertisement for my offer and maybe generate a few orders.

But I was a newcomer and dumb enough to ask. That’s why I had to stick to the rules, while the „old-hunted rabbit“ could do as they please, because no one cared.

If you set up rules, these should apply to all and not only to those who are so stupid to stick to it. Nobody can tell me that in 4 years it was not noticeable that the half of the booth was stocked with printed postcards.

It does not affect me any more, because I will not be there next year, but it is unfair to any modern artist who wants to gain a foothold at your market, because prints are now almost an integral part of their income.

I do not really expect something to change, but at least I wanted to address it.

All in all, it was a nice market, although for me not very successful.

Maybe I’ll be back next year, but as a visitor. 😉