I opened a patreon account

Hello everyone!

I thought long about it but now I want to give Patreon a chance.


For those who don’t know what Patreon is: It’s a platform where you can spend an amount of your choice every month and get rewards for it, like content you would not see otherwise.

Before you start to rage: Nothing I did before will be hidden behind a paywall, I will still show everything I do now in the future.
But I tried to come up with rewards, you really benefit from.

For example: For 1$ you will see every sketch that I do while working, for 5$ you will participate in a monthly raffle and for 35$ you can make me your personal artslave every 3 months.
So please have a look if you are interstes in one of my rewards and consider it.

What do I hope to gain through Patreon?
I want to do more of my drawing skills. I want to show you more videos, more tutorials and things like prints and merchandise.
But all this would cost a lot of money.
For every print I have to pay first, I don’t have the equipment for good videos and I don’t have the time to do more tutorials.
I hope, with the help of Patreon I would be able to invest more into this passion and get the chance to grow.

I don’t want to force anybody to pledge, I know sometimes you just don’t have the money for things like that.
But please consider to share this and/or show this to you friends, this would be a great help.

The posts on patreon will be in german and english language.
Thanks to everybody who really read the whole text. 😉

I wish you a nice day!